Please find below a selection of testimonials received from our customers.

Ruby’s Story…

Ruby wearing her magnetic dog collar
Ruby wearing her magnetic dog collar

“I bought the magnetic collar for my four year old Rottweiler, Ruby who suffers from arthritis and hip dysplasia as well as a neurological disease.   Within a few days of wearing the collar I noticed that she was becoming more mobile.

Previously she had only managed two small walks a day and would be fast asleep when we got home. After a month of wearing the collar she became more energetic.

Now she manages three longer walks every day, is less tired and much more playful. She is also able to jump up at the window and into the car boot, something she had been unable to do for the previous nine months!

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first but the difference it’s made is unbelievable, it’s given Ruby a new lease of life! Thanks Canine Magnetix for giving me my little girl back!”

Claire Hopley & Ruby from Cheshire

Ella’s Story…

Ella's had superb results with her magnetic collar. She's a tail wagging testimony!
Ella’s had superb results with her magnetic collar. She’s a tail wagging testimony!

Ella’s part of the Canine Magnetix family and this special dog is the reason why we started the business.  Ella was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and arthritis when she was only 12 months old.  Today she’s as active as ever and you would have no idea she has arthritis in 3 legs!  Ella is now 5 years old and an incredible testimony.

For a short period of time I borrowed her magnetic collar for my other dog Jake. Ella became stiff and when I put it back on her within a few days she’d stopped limping.  This was the only evidence I needed to know that Magnetic Therapy works!

Sam Gilhooley & Ella from Canine Magnetix