How a magnetic collar can help your arthritic dog


Thank you for visiting this post. Hi, I’m Sam the founder of Canine Magnetix and I have first-hand experience about how a magnetic collar can help your arthritic dog. Here I share with you my own story about how magnetic therapy has helped my girl so much and how it can make a difference to […]

‘My little dog stopped limping’… A tribute to Lucy

Lucy wearing her Canine Magnetix collar

‘Back in 2015, my little dog, Lucy, developed a slight limp which my Vet said was similar to the injuries Collies who do flyball suffer from. This made sense as she had been a great ball player. I looked into medication to manage this potentially (at the time my dog was twelve years old). But at the same […]

Meet Poppy and find out how a magnetic dog collar has helped with her arthritis…

‘My little lab Poppy (who’s 13 years old) can’t take pain relief because she has colitis, her stomach can’t tolerate drugs. She was wearing a magnetic collar but I decided to put her in one of yours because it has 4 magnets. Shocked today, after wearing it for 10 days, this happened. She jumped over […]

Meet Harvey… he wears his magnetic coat after he’s been to hydrotherapy

Harvey wearing his Canine Magnetix Coat

‘The jacket definitely helps him be happier!’ ‘My Harvey is an 11 year old wonderful black labrador who has managed hip dysplasia since 6 months old. He has been swimming in hydrotherapy every week since he was diagnosed which has kept him a happy boy. In the last few weeks he’s showed signs of weariness […]