How a magnetic collar can help your arthritic dog


Thanks very much for visiting this post about how a magnetic collar can help your arthritic dog.

I have first-hand experience so I can share with you my own story about how a magnetic collar has helped my girl so much.

My Labrador Ella, was born with elbow dysplasia and arthritis in her elbows. She was diagnosed at 12 months old. I will never forget the call from the vet. I remember exactly where I was when my phone started ringing. And then I heard his words. I didn’t think for one minute I’d be told she was born with arthritis.

Magnetic dog collars by Canine Magnetix®
Ella is our main model for the Canine Magnetix® Dog Collars

After the initial shock, I looked into everything I could to help her. I wanted to do everything possible for her to live a normal and comfortable life. She had arthroscopy and we started going to hydrotherapy (and we still do) and she also wore a magnetic collar.

I had absolutely no idea if the collar was working until I took it off. I borrowed it for my old boy Jake at the time and after a short while I noticed Ella starting to get stiff on her back leg. A trip to the vets revealed she had arthritis in her right hock. The collar went straight back on and within 24-48 hours she was a different dog.

Do I know it works? Absolutely! And I’m always receiving feedback from other people who have experienced the same with their own dogs.

The magnetic collar has made such a difference to Ella’s life and whether you have a young dog or older dog it could make a difference to your dog too.

Ella wears her collar 24/7 and I would recommend the same for your dog, although a minimum of 12 hours is sufficient.

Our collars start at £15.95-£17.95 and are available in three sizes and five colours. Ella’s wearing the purple medium collar (as shown in the photo). For more information see magnetic dog collars.

If you would like any help or advice, please feel free to comment on this post or email me at and I’d be happy to help.

Best wishes,

Sam xx

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